Blogs I recommend


I visited some blogs and left comments. Here are some blogs I recommend:

  • Jarrod’s Awesome Blog He’s been blogging for a while and makes great posts. I commented on his Poptropica post. He wrote back and answered my questions. I want to try out his suggestions on Poptropica.
  • Joshr4’s blog is cool. I really like the werewolf voki on the side. His accent is different than mine. I commented on his bullying post. It’s an important post.
  • Daniel’s Awesome Blog He came to my blog and left me some really good comments, and I’ve been to his blog too. I like some of the same things he likes.
  • Em’s Canvas She likes to create a lot and put it on her blog.
  • Sam’s Blog I went to Sam’s blog and left him a comment.

Who do you recommend I visit next?